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Residential Project: Beautiful Brickwork

A beautiful new boundary wall for Arundel Place Residents’ Association.

  • And a lovely letter of thanks from the directors …‘we thank you sincerely for the impressive way in which you approached the scheduled works’
  • Colbran & Wingrove were commissioned by the Residents’ Association to demolish the former wall and rebuild an 18m length of party wall.
  • The project required us to match the original structure in terms of dimensions and style. A tricky descending slope also needed to be managed which demanded subtle adjustments in the brickwork along much of its length.
  • The result is a beautiful wall that will stand the test of time.
  • Bricks typically last far longer and require less maintenance than alternative building materials. They absorb noise giving an acoustic advantage over other materials which can be helpful in densely populated areas, and it’s a relatively sustainable material since it can be salvaged and re-used, crushed to make sub-base materials and chipped.
  • The old adage - if a job’s worth doing …

September 2017

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