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Residential Project: Space-Saving Interior Ideas

When the new owners of this tired apartment approached Colbran & Wingrove regarding a complete refurbishment, storage was right at the top of their list.

  • So our team got to work and along with a sleek, contemporary finish with beautiful bamboo flooring, the resulting interior features all sorts of clever space-saving / storage ideas. From an upholstered banquette in the dining area with lift-up seating to hide Christmas decorations, to a handy full-height pull-out unit, every bit of available space has been innovatively used.
  • In the kitchen, the serving hatch has a slight overhang so that bar stools can pull up to it, whilst the area above the hatch within the kitchen has even been used with a shelf for cookery books that also has integral lighting for the bar below.
  • Fitted wardrobes in both bedrooms have provided substantial storage, making use of the full height of the room, and the shower in the bathroom has recesses to neatly store toiletries. Wall-hung sanitaryware also fits in with the overall design scheme and helps maximize the sense of space.
  • Off the main living space, a previously neglected sunroom has now also benefited from a radical overhaul with windows and a door out to the balcony and an overhead pitched lantern that floods light into the room.

June 2017

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